Incorporated in 2003, UMECH Construction Sdn Bhd delivers world-class integrated engineering services through core competencies in civil & structural engineering, geotechnical works, superstructural, infrastructural construction. Our drive for excellence allows us to move beyond technical leadership and established resources to expand our scope of services and meet the unique needs of our clients.


Poised to continuously expand and diversify the scope of services to meet the various needs of our clients

We aim to be the national leader for innovative solutions in large-scale infrastructure projects.


Quality construction begins with a quality relationship

Our high-performance team delivers breakthrough solutions and value-added services to clients via core competencies in civil & structural engineering, geotechnical works and superstructural, infrastructural construction.


Transforming landscapes through a pioneering spirit

While our expertise lies in civil & structural engineering works, engineering drawings, infrastructural, superstructural construction & roadworks and maintenance works, we’ve also diversified into mechanical & electrical works and waste water management.


Precision meets passion

Our high-performance team is guided by best practices and an innate drive for excellence. The UMECH process is distinguished by:
  • Synergistic organisational structure to harness diverse resources
  • Client-oriented system with clear feedback and quality control procedures
  • Involvement of meticulous experts in every step of process
  • Minimal overheads and cost-effective solutions

We work closely with relevant stakeholders to incorporate best management practices on site, and our efforts are always in accordance with legal requirements.


Our highly skilled team.

Cinque Terre Cheng Pui Kwan, Managing Director:
Cheng Pui Kwan leads the overall accounting and financial controls in UMECH. She manages financial, cost & management accounting, credit control, financial planning, taxation and treasury.
Cinque Terre Cheng Pui Kwan, Managing Director:
Nathaniel leads the management and implementation of all UMECH projects. Thorough with an eye for detail, he ensures a high-level of quality control and follow-through from strategy, design, specifications to construction and final delivery.


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